I am in love with my hair!

From the first point of contact booking an appointment to the moment you're walking out of the salon with your new locks the service is exceptional. Having micro bonds was the best decision!

Natalia is so warm and welcoming. Every time I walk in the door I'm greeted with big smiles and great energy!

Alicia B.​

I always had fine hair and was exploring different options with hair extensions. After the consultation with Natalia, all my questions were answered and all my fears disappeared.

I’m now a happy girl with gorgeous long hair. Natalia provided a list with tips on how to look after my hair extensions

I highly recommend doing your hair extensions with Natalia!

Maria K.

Best hair extensions I have EVER used!

I am a hairdresser and worked with celebrities for over 5 years. Having worked with so many extensions, I really have experienced them all.

Natalia's hair is 100% premium Slavic hair, sourced directly from Ukraine. Every batch of hair is amazing. The quality is unsurpassed. Her technique is amazing! Bonds are invisible and lightweight!

​Julia L.​

Our services

Bring Your Own Hair – We Install It 

We source our ultra-luxurious Slavic Hair from Ukraine and surrounding areas.

We are offering Premium, Exclusive Virgin, and Kids Virgin hair.

Our Virgin Slavic hair is prized for its luscious texture and natural shine.

• Soft and pleasant to the touch.
• Hair looks perfect due to the fact that there are no silicones or other treatments.
• Great for dyeing.
• Hair has a diverse structure.

Why Slavic Hair is so expensive?

Slavic hair is only collected from a small part of Eastern European counties like Ukraine and Poland.
It is a very small ethnic group. Furthermore, to grow 60 cm of hair takes 5 years!
So in addition to being rare, it also takes a very long time.
Slavic hair is softer and thinner than Asian or Indian hair and comes in a variety
of different colors (especially light ones) and structures (including wavy, straight, fizzy, etc).

Pre-bonded hair$2,6 per strand
Not bonded hair; convert tapes/wefts/beads to keratin bonds$3,2 per strand
Our Premium Slavic Hair – We Install It 
1/2 Full Head 20-22 inches 

From $559

3 hours

Full Head – 20-22 inches 

From  $999

4 – 5 hours

Hair Extensions Maintenance/Correction  (with complimented treatment) 
Removal$65 p/h
Re-bonding and installation$3.2 per strand

Short Hair (above the jawline) 

From $270

• Free hair care gift bag

De Fabulous Hair Reviver Treatment.

• No Formaldehyde & Harmful Fumes
• No Dramatic Color Fading

• Highly Moisturizing
• Restores Elasticity
• Enhances and repairs hair from the inside out
• Revitalizes stress, damaged hair
• Botanical extracts provide hydration, softening & shine benefits
• Helps to heal dry, cracked scalp & psoriasis
• Provides the hair heat protection from everyday styling
• Vitamins A, B & E, Acai Berry oil and Cysteine Protein.

Medium Hair (below jawline and above shoulder)

From $ 300

Long Hair (below the shoulder)

From $350

Extra Thick Hair (Surcharge)$40.00


Greetings everyone!

It brings me great pleasure to introduce myself.
My name is Natalia, and I am a hair extension technician and a specialist from Ukraine. Eight years ago, I discovered the breathtaking beauty of Sydney, Australia, and have since fallen in love with this place.

As a top hair extension technician in Sydney, I take immense pride in introducing the latest and most innovative techniques in the industry. I was the first technician to introduce the micro and nano keratin bonds, as well as the re-bonding technique in NSW.

With my extensive expertise, I can help anyone feel beautiful and confident. I offer a wide range of Slavic hair extensions, along with the safest and most exclusive micro and nano keratin bond techniques.

My slogan, “Love Yourself,” is a true reflection of my beliefs. It is my sincere belief that only by loving ourselves can we truly feel beautiful from the inside out.

If you are looking to feel more special and confident, I invite you to come in for a free, no-obligation chat. My goal is to provide excellent service and make you feel special.

With love and warm regards, Natalia


How to reach us:

Natalia Ulitsky | Top Slavic Hair Extensions Specialist

Email: contactnatalia.u@gmail.com

Phone: 0478 584 320

Private studio in Rose Bay NSW 2029 with a free parking